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Gary-McGraw Dr. Gary McGraw will give a keynote titled: A Decade of Software Security: From the Bug Parade to the BSIMM His talk provides an entertaining review of the software security

journey from its “bug of the day” beginnings to the multi-million dollar software security initiatives of today

Mr. Jacob West will give a keynote titled: Software Security Goes Mobile His talk consists of a very interesting review on the software vulnerabilities in the mobile platform. Also the talk contains a frank assessment of what software development organizations can do to take control and avoid being the weakest link in the chain of mobile security Jacob-West
BenLiv Jeremy King is the European Director of PCI Council. He will participate in a panel on the topic of “PCI Standards and application security“. The discussion will focus on the role of application security in various PCI Standards (PCI DSS, PA DSS, etc.) and how such standards affect key players from various industries (e.g. financial institutions, retail, security professionals and software developers).
Prof. Diomidis Spinellis will give a keynote titled: Fatal Injection (and what you can do about it), concerning his research on mitigating code injection attacks.You can find additional information about Diomidis’ talk here. spinelis
Mr. Pravir Chandra will give a keynote titled:”Everything you know about Injection Attack is wrong“. His keynote takes a look at several vulnerabilites and challenges the audience to think past he surface of these code vulnerabilities and hopefully learn a little about how the right abstraction model can save tons of security headaches.
Mr. Duncan Harris will give a keynote titled:From EasySQL to CPUs where he will be talking about Oracle’s Journey through Software Security Assurance. Duncan Harris
BenLiv Dr. Ben Livshits will talk about Finding Malware on a Web Scale covering recent Microsoft Research advances in finding internet malware on a very large scale using a variety of program analysis techniques.
Mr. Christian Papathanasiou will talk about Jackpotting Mobile Apps and he will demonstrate 0day vulnerabilities relating to insecure mobile application development; the humorous and very much financially damaging implications of such attacks.
Christian Papathanasiou