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Chapters Workshop

As part of the OWASP AppSec Research 2012, on Wednesday, July 11 at 1:30PM-5:00PM, the Global Chapter Committee is organizing a chapter leader workshop for all the chapter leaders that attend the conference. Please note that this Workshop will take place on the day before the Conference starts.

The workshop will take place in Room Z. Please check the venue map to locate Room Z.

If you arrive around 1pm you can also enjoy lunch along the those attending training.


We plan to start with a 1.5 hour session run by experienced leaders (panel) on how to run a successful chapter. The second part of the workshop will be a roundtable discussion on regional issues and challenges, with a goal of working together to create solutions.

Are there other topics you would like to discuss? Please add them below:

  • Best practices of Chapter organization
  • How long should a leader lead a chapter?
  • ….

Funding to Attend Workshop

If you need financial assistance to attend the Chapter Leader Workshop at AppSec Research, please submit a request to Josh Sokol and Sarah Baso by May 15, 2012.

Funding for your attendance to the workshop should be worked out in the following order.

  1. Ask your employer to fund your trip to AppSec Research in Athens, Greece.
  2. Utilize your chapter funds.
  3. Ask the chapter committee for funding assistance.

While we wish we could fund every chapter leader, due to the limited amount of budget allocated for this event, we may not be able to fund 100% to all the requests. Priority of sponsorships will be given to those not covered by a sponsorship to attend a workshop in 2011. Additionally, we are looking for new or struggling chapter leaders who need assistance kick starting their chapter.

After May 15, the Global Chapters Committee will make funding decision in a fair and transparent manner. When you apply for funding, please let us know why we should sponsor you. While we prefer that chapter leaders use their own chapter’s funds before requesting a sponsorship, this is not a requirement for application. If your chapter has fund but will not be using them to sponsor your attendance, please include why you will not be using the funds for this purpose (i.e. what are the other plans for those funds?).


If you plan to attend, please visit this wiki page and fill in your name and chapter in the section named “Participants”.


Contact us:

Josh Sokol, Chapters Committee Chair

Sarah Baso, OWASP Operational Support – Conference Logistics & Community Relations